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Friday, January 05, 2007

Family "Masterpiece"

Here is our whole family--including Gryphon. It is our New Year's picture.

Of course I am the center of attention, as I was in the original painting. If you are interested in it, you can find it here:


Friday, December 29, 2006

My first movie

On YouTube see me at 10 weeks and also a premonition of my accident!

Oh woe is me...

Here are two pathetic pictures of me. For the first day or so I just wanted to cuddle in my bed or with my mom or dad. I hated that cone! And now I don't have to wear it. Even my friend, Pounce, tried to console me. He's the best kitty ever. My stitches come out next week and I can go back to monster mode!


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

My terrible accident!

I was climbing up the back stairs on Wednesday, December 20 at 8:00 in the evening and getting ready to snuggle in front of the television. I turned around to make certain my dad, Phil, was next to me when my paw slipped off the step near the top. There is a gap between these stairs and the wall and I started to fall. I clawed the wall but slipped and then got hung up on a nasty nail that was sticking out! It punctured my side, but I kept falling (about 8 feet) and the nail ripped a Y-shaped cut. I started screeching and my dad checked to see if anything was broken. My mom called the vet and he came in and checked me. I needed emergency surgery to close up the would and a drain to help it heal because it was very deep.

And, if that was not bad enough, they made me wear this horrible cone around my head so I could not lick myself.

I was a very sad puppy and cried and cried the first day. I had some pretty good pills that helped me rest and sleep. I did not want to eat or drink, so Mom had chicken soup from Chanukah and she fed it to me with a syringe, which is a very lazy way to eat. I then perked up enough to eat the tender dark bits of meat. I couldn't walk up or down the stairs so I have been carried and getting very spoiled.

It was a very down Christmas because I did not feel like running and playing. Luckily, Ashley brought Broch, a nice Ori-Pei a month younger than me, to visit and play and I had a good time after all.

I hope nobody posts pictures of me with the cone. I never want to see that hideous thing again!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Cross-Country Adventure

I have been so busy traveling that I have not been able to keep up with all my adventures. I made it all the way to California and back under the airline seat. The worst part was not being able to eat or drink until I got there. Okay, my mom slipped me an ice cube, but the attendant snarled at her and made her stuff my head back in the Sherpa bag.

I had a lot of chances to try out other facilities, but found them not to my liking. Airport curbs are most unpleasant with all that traffic noise and the smell of a million other animals leaving their p-mail on every object. Even the grassy areas are too stinky for my butt. My mom tried my wee-wee pads in the restroom, but the first one had horrid music blaring and kids screaming. The second was cold and weird. So, I waited. Finally, they pulled off a highway at a state park. Paw-fect! They even had a dog park but there was no time to play.

We had to hurry to Carpinteria to meet Josh, Safron, and the most amazing dog in the world: my cousin Gryphon. His favorite thing is to go surfing for giant sticks and he doesn't even care if a big cold wave crashes over his head. I found the surf a bit chilly, thank you very much, but I did like romping with Gryph and the other really laid back dogs that play on the beach.

See the pictures of our terrific trip.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

I barked!

Everyone thinks I am the strong, silent type because I have yet to bark. In fact, I am just so content I cannot imagine why I need to make a fuss. But I must have had a weird dream last night because I barked once in my sleep and woke my family. They opened my "palace" to take me out, but I was sound asleep. Just busy running from the cats I guess.

PS I do not like boats! I had my second ride and it was no fun.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Great toys for dogs

I am learning the names of each of my toys. This is my atom.

My Mom!

Her name is "Tootsie"--I don't have her fancy name yet. Of course, she's a champion, like my Dad and she has a particularly nice lozenge (a brown oval) on the top of her head. Cavaliers with this marking are supposedly considered royal and can go into any public building in England. I have one two, although it is not a perfect oval. I hope I can still go to London to visit the queen--or is that only for pussycats? Anyway, Tootsie was a terrific mom and there were four of us in the litter. I was the only guy.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Barkleigh's Big Day

Amazing how fast a puppy can grow and accomplish in 1 week. He's mastered spiral and straight stairs (up only), been to the beach, on the top step of the pool, and had a shampoo. He's frolicked for the video camera--which allows still frames to catch him in action.

All in all he's one busy pup!